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Man launching up on a rocket for our starter pricing plan

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Man watering a flower for our growth accounting pricing package

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Three figures floating above a podium doing different accounting task for our pro monthly premium

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Accrual Accounting
Email + Phone Support
Xero or QBO Setup
Financial Statements
Monthly Sync Up
Expedited Monthly Close
S/C Corporation or Partnership Filing
Personal Tax Returns
Monthly Tax Support
Continuous Bookkeeping
In-house Controller
+Financial Operations Management​
Advanced Inventory Method
Real Time Communication
Slack or your favorite chat solution​
Hourly Back-Office Support
+ Ad-hoc Projects
Bookkeeping Overhaul

Catch-up Bookkeeping Add On

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frequently asked questions

Billing and Contract

Is the pricing on this sheet guaranteed to be the same?

The pricing on this price sheet reflects the most common use cases we see. We do our very best to adhere to this structure – but with accounting there are fringe cases that we need to take into consideration. If during the discovery process we find those fringe cases – we will make sure to discuss those with you.

Is there an annual contract?

No – but we do ask you to provide a 30 day cancellation notice.

Why am I paying for tax returns monthly when they are due to file next year?

We want to ensure that we provide superior service to our clients. Meaning we need to know which clients of ours are committed to tax file with us for the following year.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes we ask for credit card payments for all clean up projects, and any recurring billing under $2,000. For any billing over $2,000 we ask to add an ACH payment method on file.

When will I pay my bill?

All bills are due the 1st of the month. Initial one-time fees are due 50% on start, 50% on completion.

Can I cancel and get my money back if I am not happy?

Absolutely – if we start working and you’re not happy we can refund all fees within 30 days of payment.


How exactly will my pricing vary month-to-month depending on my expenses.

For example: January your expenses were $66,000, February $75,000 and March $70,000 – 3 month average is $70,333 – in which case extra $40 will be charged on May’s invoice. Then your expenses were February $75,000, March $70,000, but April fell all the way to $20,000 –  making your average monthly expenses $55,000 – in June – you will not be charged anything extra.

What do you consider an expense?

We count all operating and COGS(COS) including compensation and owner draws. We do not include:

  • Advertising cost
  • One time bonuses for employees or owners

What is “continuous bookkeeping”?

It means we will do bookkeeping at least once a week or more often. We can agree on an exact schedule based on your business needs.

What accounting software do you use?

Currently we use Xero and QuickBooks Online. We strongly prefer to use Xero and may discontinue support for QuickBooks Online in the future.

What if I haven’t seen a software or sales channel you work with on your website?

We work with many applications and sales channels – too many to list. Be sure to ask us if you don’t see one listed.

What software do you pay for, and what am I responsible for?

Currently we cover the cost of:

  • Xero (accounting software)
  • Gusto (with the payroll plan)
  • (with back-office support)
  • HubDoc (for receipt collection)

All other apps are paid by customers directly or pass-through us.

How much does the average client pay in app expenses?

Each clients needs differ based on their business model. We can help you determine which options you should choose. We will not add something to your premium without your consent.

I have a lot of previous bookkeeping that needs to be done. Can you help me with this?

During our discovery process we determine exactly what needs to be done to correct any previous periods.

I do my own accounting – but want someone to double check – can you help with that?

At this time we don’t provide review services. This may change in the future. Be sure to get on our email list to get our most recent updates and visit our blog for accounting resources.

I have subsidiaries outside of the US – can you help with that?

Although we can do consolidation as a special project for a US parent entity – we don’t do bookkeeping outside of the US.

What is an “Advanced Inventory Method”?

LIFO or FIFO are considered advanced inventory methods, and we will provide this service on our pro plan. However the Average Inventory method is efficient for most businesses because it normalizes price changes.

Annual Tax Filing

Is there a tax-only plan?

At this time we don’t provide tax-only services. This may change in the future. Be sure to get on our email list to get our most recent updates.

Do I have to file a separate business return? 

Whether you are a Single Member LLC (SMLLC), Partnership, Multi-Member LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, the business entity may have a separate filing requirement. With exception of the SMLLC, all other business tax entities have a separate filing requirement from the individual return. This may be subject to business tax depending on the entities structure and classification.

Do I need to file a state return?

Generally, you file a state business return in the state and city where you operate in. You may be required to file in additional states, if it is determined you have “nexus” in a state.

What is the best structure for tax savings?

There is no one best structure for optimal tax savings strategy. Through our monthly tax support and professional research on different industries, we implement tax saving strategies as your business grows.

Monthly Tax Support

Do I have to pay taxes throughout the year?

Whether it is for your business tax, personal passthrough income tax, or state taxes, you may be required to pay estimated tax. This covers your income tax liability throughout the year. With our projection and tax estimate services, we make sure you are always in safe harbor (penalty proof). We provide recommendations for estimated payments, based on your year to date tax liability.

What if I have questions regarding my business?

We make recommendations on tax savings strategies and filing requirements throughout the year. With our monthly support, we will advise you based on your industry, on items like: a bank filing requirement, an accountant’s letter, or any other general questions.

What is NOT included in monthly tax support?

Any legal discussions related to law and not tax will be excluded. We do not make any investment recommendations. We can discuss investments from a tax saving lens.

Sales Tax Support

How will I know how many states we have to file in?

In the beginning of each engagement we will conduct a Nexus Study – identifying the states where you should be filing in order to stay compliant.

What if I missed registering for a particular state?

If you haven’t been collecting tax in a state where you should have been – we advise a voluntary disclosure to pay the sales tax owed. We will present you with options for this decision.

What software is required for computing sales tax?

TaxJar Basic or Avalara is required. Avalara has specific plans and they need to be reviewed with the Avalara sales team. Typically Avalara is a better option for SaaS companies and TaxJar is a better option for e-commerce. We can help you determine which options you should choose.

Back-office Support & Ad-hoc Projects

What is included in back-office & ad-hoc projects support?

Back-office support includes:

  • Processing new client contracts
  • Following up on past due invoices
  • Canceling churned clients
  • Working with a client payment provider on receiving payments
  • Processing bills through with client’s approval
  • Collecting and storing W9s for end of the year 1099 filing

Ad-hoc projects may include the following:

  • Assistance in implementation of various accounting tools
  • Custom generated reports not available in Xero

What is NOT included in back-office support & ad-hoc support?

This service does not include:

  • Search, vetting and negotiating with vendors
  • Assistance with filling out or proof reading any legal documents. Such as – insurance forms, helping compose NDAs, assistance with contract language review.
Payroll Support

What’s included in payroll support?

Payroll support includes:

  • Entering new employees into payroll system
  • Terminating employees from the payroll system
  • Running payroll
  • Answering questions related to tax withholdings and payroll processing timelines to employees

Please note that some states (such as California) will require an advance notice for termination due to specific laws in California. It is the clients responsibility to notify us, well in advance of all terminations and onboardings, to ensure proper compliance.

What is NOT included in payroll support?

Some payroll questions also could be considered HR questions and are not included:

  • What’s the best health plan?
  • How to setup a 401k – what’s the best 401k?
  • How to comply with HR rules for fair labor acts, disability etc..
  • Discussion on appropriate levels of compensation
  • Creating legal employee contracts.

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