Characters setting up the best expense tracking tool Expensify

How To Setup Expense Tracking With Expensify

Expense trackers are an accounting time saver. The benefits are wide-ranging, from helping employees organize expenses, to getting reimbursements out promptly, to seamless monthly reporting for your business. This is why you need an expense tracker tool.

A girl inspecting the U.S. treasury and the national general fund

National General Fund: Where Our Taxes Go In America

We are closing in on tax day. Be sure to send your money to the government so they can…wait where do our taxes go in America? Follow the journey of our hard-earned dollars and see how they are spent.

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A character looking depressed about taxed day and that the schedule C EZ form is due

Schedule C EZ Form Is Not Available

The Schedule C EZ form was the simplest way to file taxes for the smallest business owners. Unfortunately, it is not an option anymore, but the IRS did make some changes to simplify reporting on Schedule C.

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Characters fixing a rocket wondering when will my startup be profitable

When Will My Startup Be Profitable?

Earning revenue is a great business benchmark but every startup needs to be profitable to survive. As a founder, it is reasonable to ask when will my startup be profitable? Consider these 3 factors when reviewing your startup profitability.

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A character lifting the lid on a parent company holding a private equity investment in another company

Catch-up To Private Equity Investments And Fund Accounting

Private equity fund accounting includes compliance methods for reporting revenue. In this guide, pop the lid on private equity investments, to have a stronghold in your next finance meeting.

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Business owners reaching for a cash advance from invoice financing

Pros And Cons Of Invoice Financing

Running a small business can be difficult. During a cash crunch, waiting on customers to pay their tabs is like waiting for grass to grow. To bridge the gap between expenses, consider cash advances with invoice financing.

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A girl sleeping while a stack of money is working for her

Sleep On This Passive Income

The line between whether we are working to live, or living to work gets blurred. Clarity comes in the form of passive income. By diverting earnings to profitable channels that don’t require much effort, you can sleep easy knowing your money is working for you.

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