About Us

Who We Are

As freelancers, Michael and Hernan realized many new clients arrived in the dark. Communication from previous accountants, about bookkeeping and taxes, was non-existent. Without clarification on business financials, they lacked true understanding of their performance. Mix a dose of entrepreneurial spirit, plus client-centric accounting, and Let’s Ledger was born.

For Our Clients

Our Clients are Partners. We are empowering businesses with accurate financial data. Let’s Ledger alleviates the headaches associated with accounting. We do this by:

  • Focusing on the customer’s specific needs.
  • Providing an entire financial team: controller, senior accountant, tax accountant, accountants, bookkeeper.
  • Achieving total business accounting solutions in bookkeeping, taxes, reporting and the back office.

Our Working Philosophy

By the Book

We believe in maintaining the highest degree of ethical standards.

Stay Proactive

Address future problems before they even start.

Personal Touch

Consistent communication is key to successful projects.


We want our clients to understand the company’s accounting.

Client Satisfaction First:
  1. Our focus on automation makes accounting delivery cost effective and faster. 
  2. Our month end closing ensures accurate and consistent performance reporting.
  3. We communicate early and often, to meet client deadlines and business targets.
Meet The Team

Michael P

I set up financial processes tuned to scale, while providing full accounting oversight. If I am not tackling projects around the house, I am making moves with my eyebrows.

Hernan B

I help clients save time and accumulate wealth. Turning most events, into tax saving opportunities. During downtime, I spend time with the family and outdoor activities.

Mackenzie S

Tricky bookkeeping and financial reporting are a cinch with my Excel skills. My 3 dogs and I play host to game nights, featuring a board game from my collection.

Clients We Worked With

Accounting For Your Small Business

With plans designed around your needs and budget, Let's Ledger works for you. No-Obligation, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee allows us to prove it.