How To Setup Expense Tracking With Expensify

Expense trackers are an accounting time saver. The benefits are wide-ranging, from helping employees organize expenses, to getting reimbursements out promptly, to seamless monthly reporting for your business. This is why you need an expense tracker tool.

Characters setting up the best expense tracking tool Expensify

How To Setup Expense Tracking With Expensify

Expense trackers are an accounting time saver. The benefits are wide-ranging, from helping employees organize expenses, to getting reimbursements out promptly, to seamless monthly reporting for your business. This is why you need an expense tracker tool.

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A character lifting the lid on a parent company holding a private equity investment in another company

Catch-up To Private Equity Investments And Fund Accounting

Private equity fund accounting includes compliance methods for reporting revenue. In this guide, pop the lid on private equity investments, to have a stronghold in your next finance meeting.

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Business owners reaching for a cash advance from invoice financing

Pros And Cons Of Invoice Financing

Running a small business can be difficult. During a cash crunch, waiting on customers to pay their tabs is like waiting for grass to grow. To bridge the gap between expenses, consider cash advances with invoice financing.

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Ninja's shopping in a store to get products for retail arbitrage

Retail Arbitrage: Be A Resale Ninja

Have a knack for finding deals? Turn your shopping habit into a retail arbitrage business and turn a profit by reselling trendy items at a higher price. In this guide, we dish out accounting and business best practices for a resale business.

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A VC investor with money swirling around him and businesses popping up

Venture Capital Investing 101

The allure of venture investing is the gamble. It is high stakes, high reward but this career path isn’t all play. For curious entrepreneurs here is your venture capital investing 101.

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Accountants performing a historical bookkeeping clean up

A Quick Historical Bookkeeping Clean Up

A historical bookkeeping clean up is a daunting task, even if you are a company with a few monthly transactions. We take the guesswork out of it with professional accounting techniques and intuitive software solutions.

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Introduction to SaaS Accounting

Introduction To SaaS Accounting

This is an accounting guide for new startups and entrepreneurs looking for a well-rounded explanation of SaaS accounting. We go through everything you need to set up subscription billing and accurately recognize recurring revenue.

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Accountants performing ASC 606 Revenue Recognition for SaaS

Step-By-Step To ASC 606 Revenue Recognition

Dear subscription billing companies, are you looking for significant investors? Then it is time to get serious about ASC 606 revenue recognition. It is a compliance measure that ensures subscription sales reporting and performance analysis is normalized across industries.

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An accountant with his dark side showing because he committed accounting fraud

Accounting Fraud: Prevention and Detection

We’ve come across more accounting hack jobs than we’d like. Thankfully, nothing comes close to full-scale accounting fraud. This is how to spot and prevent fraudulent accounting activity with examples of the worst accountants in the industry.

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Accountants trading on a decentralized accounting ledger

Decentralized Accounting: The Future Of Finance

What type of managerial system does your company have? Is it top-down or spread out, and is the system satisfying long-term objectives? We break down how restructuring authority and decentralized accounting systems can revitalize small businesses.

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Accountants performing general ledger accounting on a computer

What Is Good General Ledger Accounting?

Your business diary holds all the secrets. We aren’t talking about water cooler gossip, something even juicier—the keys to your success are in your general ledger. And with good general ledger accounting practices, you get prime financial information to drive action.

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Accountant Christmas trees performing a year end reconciliation

Year End Reconciliation: Close Out For The Holidays

Tis’ the season for a year end reconciliation. Let’s balance your books and zero out accounts, to get a clear picture of your annual income. Your efforts will be rewarded with a seamless tax season.

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Quarterly Earnings Reports

The Fallacy Of A Quarterly Earnings Report

Publicly traded companies must release quarterly earnings reports 4 times a year. The contents of these reports can make or break a share price, and shake a CEO’s foundation in the company. So, is it healthy for a business to base performance on quarterly benchmarks?

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accountants putting in an accounting code into a computer

Accounting Code For Your Chart Of Accounts

In accounting, we live by a code—the accounting code. Treating your accounting system like a google search bar every time you enter a transaction, is not time efficient. Instead, bookkeepers and accountants rely on short-hand accounting codification to quickly key an invoice.

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An accountant throwing an invoice out of accounts receivables as a bad debt expense

Throw Out The Bad Debt Expense

Endlessly waiting on a customer to pay an invoice, but getting no response? Then it is time to throw it out and write it off as a bad debt expense. Having money tied up in accounts receivable messes with the clarity of your business performance. Treat bad business debt the right way, with this how-to.

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the balance sheet breakdown

The Balance Sheet Breakdown

A balance sheet is one of the three main financial statements in accounting. It provides the keys to unlocking a company’s future success. That is why knowing how to read one is foundational in business.

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Accountants building a multi step income statement

The Making Of A Multi Step Income Statement

Income statements come in all varieties. Learn how to take advantage of this financial tool to rate your success. Plus know how to prepare and read a multi step income statement.

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accountants integrating + Xero to automate accounts payable

Automate Accounts Payable With + Xero

Ready to simplify monotonous billing for your business accounting? Lucky you, this is the new financial frontier where you can automate accounts payable (AP). With accounts payable your payment processing is a thing of the past.

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Counting COGS Inventory Accounting Guide

Counting The COGS: Inventory Accounting Guide

Your shop wouldn’t be poppin’ dollar signs if it didn’t have inventory. We know this area is a maze for business owners, that’s why we want you to have this inventory accounting guide. It is a showcase of ecommerce inventory best practices, and dives into the details of inventory management.

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RPA Accounting

What Is RPA Accounting?

Your business is doing RPA accounting and you didn’t know it. Welcome to the future, where the robots took our mundane process jobs. Humans aren’t filling roles that require repetitive tasks. Instead, robotic process automation (RPA) is working those long hours, especially in the accounting department.

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retained earnings: the startup growth hack

Retained Earnings: The Startup Growth Hack

Want the #1 growth hack from successful start-ups—retained earnings. Positioning the company with a small but efficient payroll and reinvesting earnings leads to long-term profits. Learn all about how to milk business profits to finance expansion activities and manage debt.

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accountants sharing tips for scaling ecommerce

Expert Accounting Tips For Scaling Ecommerce

Scaling and growth are two very different terms when it comes to business. They are used synonymously but scaling refers to adding revenue faster than incurring costs. Here we show how scaling eCommerce can happen with a clear accounting lens.

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an accountant moving between a double entry accounting system

Double Entry Accounting: Find Your Balance

There are two systems of accounting: double-entry and single-entry. Which is the best method for your business? This article will get into why you should be using the double entry accounting system.

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A character writing GAAP on a chalkboard

What Is GAAP Accounting?

Following GAAP rules is not a requirement for most small businesses. That shouldn’t prevent you from understanding GAAP accounting because these principles affect reporting for the entire business sector. They will improve your financial procedures, and make your business more appealing to investors.

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Feature Bookkeeping vs Accountanting

What Is The Difference Between Bookkeeping Vs Accounting?

Most of our clients refer to our services as bookkeeping. Technically, accounting is what we do and bookkeeping provides the foundation of our processes. Knowing the difference between bookkeeping and accounting will help your financial prowess in business.

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An accountant sitting on the moon looking at a cash forecast in the sky

1-2-3 Simple Cash Forecasting

Accounting is not just recording the past, it is determining the future. Businesses should be aware of how much cash they will need to operate while investing in the business. The best way to do that is with cash forecasting.

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An accountant locking a calendar for a month end close

A Month End Closing Procedure For Every Business

We perform monthly closings for every client, regardless of their industry. It is arguably one of the most important accounting functions. We deploy it to gauge profitability, tax payments, and our own accounting skills.

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Employees running a cash roll machine and following payroll compliance

The Employers Payroll Compliance Handbook

Paying employees in a small business isn’t as easy as cutting a check. Payroll compliance is the meticulous art of following state and federal wage regulations. This is your handbook for payroll policies and procedures if you are paying an employee for the first time.

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Two accountants pointing at accrued liabilities due for payment

Accrued Liabilities: Pay Another Day

Eliminate stress by tracking expenses for your business. In accrual accounting, not all expenses are the same. By understanding accrued liabilities, you will be able to see your company’s cost commitments at any given time.

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two accountants receiving electronic unearned revenue for a SaaS company

Why is Unearned Revenue a Liability?

In accrual accounting, it is important to organize income properly. Especially when it comes to prepaid services. Prepayments are considered unearned revenue. You cannot instantly take in this type of revenue as income. Unearned revenue is a liability and is treated in a very unique way. 

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an accountant riding a money wave by good accounting for amazon sellers

Accounting for Amazon Sellers: The Keys to Profitability

If you can’t beat them, join them. That was probably said by the first third-party seller to join Amazon. For e-commerce shops entering the market, Amazon is your largest competitor. That means mastering amazon seller accounting is the best way to be profitable. 

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an accountant making a cash to accrual conversion

The Switch: Cash to Accrual Conversion

Cash basis accounting had a good run, time to switch your accounting method. Now you are stepping up your finance game. Whatever the reason to change your reporting method, know that cash to accrual conversion is intricate.

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Two groups of accountants engaging in a xero vs quickbooks online battle

Xero Vs QuickBooks Online: Which is Better?

Having a solid system to manage accounts is a necessary part of business. While Excel spreadsheets, and mathing out may be accessible to some. That isn’t the case for the majority of business owners. Cloud-based accounting software reduces manual processing.

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An accountant jumping into cash flow from a fountain

Statement of Cash Flows for Small Businesses

Monitoring cash inflows and outflows, gives you a sense of how well you are doing. In accounting, you monitor money with the cash flow statement (CFS). This statement shows the effectiveness of a company’s management of revenue and expenses.

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Three characters burning cash in a large bonfire showing cash burn rate

Feel The Cashburn: Calculating Cash Burn Rate

Cash moves the economy. Businesses need it to operate, and they need a lot of it. Cash burn rate helps a company see how much cash is essential to stay open. Not only that, it tells how quickly money reserves are being spent.

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two accountants deciding between Cash Vs Accrual accounting method books

Cash vs Accrual Accounting: Speaking The Language of Business

Starting up a business involves major operational decisions. One has to do with how to organize the books. You may be asking should I use cash or accrual accounting?

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