An accountant with his dark side showing because he committed accounting fraud

Accounting Fraud: Prevention and Detection

We’ve come across more accounting hack jobs than we’d like. Thankfully, nothing comes close to full-scale accounting fraud. This is how to spot and prevent fraudulent accounting activity with examples of the worst accountants in the industry.

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Accountant Personality Traits

Drawing A Line On The Best Accountant Personality Traits

Hiring an accountant is no pick off the top-of-the-pile. It is an exploration of the accountant personality traits that mesh with your team. No need to settle, we’ll help ease the hiring process and assess characteristics to look for with accountant personality tests.

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RPA Accounting

What Is RPA Accounting?

Your business is doing RPA accounting and you didn’t know it. Welcome to the future, where the robots took our mundane process jobs. Humans aren’t filling roles that require repetitive tasks. Instead, robotic process automation (RPA) is working those long hours, especially in the accounting department.

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Feature Bookkeeping vs Accountanting

What Is The Difference Between Bookkeeping Vs Accounting?

Most of our clients refer to our services as bookkeeping. Technically, accounting is what we do and bookkeeping provides the foundation of our processes. Knowing the difference between bookkeeping and accounting will help your financial prowess in business.

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Full Charge Bookkeeping

What Is Full Charge Bookkeeping?

Small business owners play a balancing game with payroll costs. Since it is the largest expense for most companies, employers need to think strategically about work roles. Full charge bookkeeping is a skillset that drives a variety of financial responsibilities.

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Virtual Accounting team meeting between 3 remote accountants

How To Setup A Successful Virtual Accounting Team

One positive thing came from the pandemic, companies realized the benefits of going remote. No more suits, traffic, or office distractions. Going fully remote, is no easy feat though.

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best way to build an in house accounting department accountants building a house out of books

Best Way to Build an In House Accounting Team

As a CEO or owner, your first priority is not managing finances. You are the executive making decisions and setting the tone for the company. With this title, dually serving as head of finance is counterproductive.

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remote outsource accounting firm servicing people on the globe

3 Advantages of Outsourced Accounting

The accounting world is persistently devising ways to be more efficient. Trending within the past five years, is a rise in outsourced accounting firms. This article gives the 3 advantages to outsourced accounting.

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How to Hire an Accountant: Freelancer vs. In House vs. Outsourcing

As a business owner your finances should be a top priority. But, they should not consume all of your day. When you are short on time, an accountant can come in for the assist.

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